Hey everybody,

I am officially dropping my wordpress account, and moving to tumblr.  You can follow me at brokenvinyls.  I find it easier to do all that I want there, and hope that you all will continue to follow me there.  Thank you, and farewell.


Spider Heaven

This band is awesome!  I found this band on yvynyl, and in the words from him “Spider Heaven EP is some righteous, righteous tunage.”  Which I agree with completely. You can buy them on cassette for $6 here.

Fiveng – Easy

I found this band on yvynyl.  I think there really good.  They have very good beats going throughout the song, and the lyrics are awesome. check it out!

‘Epic Mickey’ Releasing On November 30

Geekologie. Know Your Beards

Ok this made me laugh, I found this on Geekologie.  Basically it tells you the trustworthy beards, to the neutral ones, and all the way down to the untrustworthy ones, like “The Hitler”.  Click here to see the whats Hot and whats Not beards.

LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum

I love this song so much.  LCD Soundsystem is sort of a indie rock/electronic artist.  He is very talented, and I recommend him highly.

Simple Movie Poster Ideas

I love these Movie Posters I found on This Blog Rules.  Which they got off of Worth1000. I was totally surprised at how simple they are, but make sense to the movie.  I wish I could have a couple of these to put on my walls.