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‘Alive 4-ever RETURNS’ Review

Well, when I first started this blog I said I was going to do all sorts of things like app reviews, and maybe even console game reviews.  I obviously have not done either so I decided why not?  I used to have a site with some friends where we wrote reviews for apps, and stuff, but it’s been a while so I may be a little bit sketchy on my first ones.  So hopefully you will just bare with me, and I will get better as I go.

Alive 4-ever RETURNS‘ is basically the same thing as the first one with some (actually a good amount) changes.  These include new characters, weapons, some 3-D parts, and a different style of using your cash you get from slayin’ some zombies.  The graphics are a lot better, there is power ups, and mini bosses.

From the moment I downloaded this game I was psyched. I enjoyed the first ‘Alive4Ever‘ a lot, one thing I loved was always being able to get guns.  It didn’t take for ever to get knew stuff, because after every level completed they gave you a new item like equipment.  Which was great, because then you could be better, and have enough money after the next level to get a gun.  They made the efficiency of it very likeable, but in the knew one they changed some things.  Now even after you unlock stuff after beating levels you still have to actually go buy them instead of having them unlocked at your disposal.

One thing I did love was the 3-D parts, obviously they didn’t make most of it in 3-D, but they put just enough in there to make you notice, and feel cool for it.  it was just simple stuff like little towers that had nothing to do with you completing anything, but it made you happy it was there.

In the gun department you could tell they bulked it up a bit, there were a lot more guns (same type though), just more choices.  They had pistols,assault rifles, shotguns, and snipers.  I like using the assault rifles the best, because I found it inconvenient to use a shotgun with eight rounds with dual stick controls, but that was just me.  Even though they were stronger than the assault rifles I just didn’t feel like a shotgun or sniper didn’t belong in a dual stick control game (just my opinion).

Now to the pick up items, there were many such as semi auto pistols, or grenades each with there own specialty.  I found the pistols the most effective, because although it was just to pistols they seemed to have the power of two AK-47’s (it seemed like).  The pick ups can be very essential to your survival in campaign missions, where the zombies sometimes are just to strong for you to handle by yourself.

Overall the game is pretty good, if you like zombie slayin’, dual stick controls, and blood.  It is fun to play with friends using wi-fi, but they do not have a bluetooth version yet (hopefully in next update).  It is fun to do survival mode, or campaign the most with friends I thought.  So check it out at itunes for only $1.99.

Rating:  7 / 10