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Hey everybody,

I am officially dropping my wordpress account, and moving to tumblr.  You can follow me at brokenvinyls.  I find it easier to do all that I want there, and hope that you all will continue to follow me there.  Thank you, and farewell.


Fat Link

“I Got The Boss Key!”  A friend of mine from Uncool Shoes.  I think it is funny that they added a fanny pack, because that is such a stereotypical nerd object.

USB Typewriter


Well, Today is my birthday… So I was thinking, and birthday’s are always full of joy, and obviously I can’t invite all of you to my party so I thought I would post some videos *not my videos) that make me laugh, so we can laugh as one (kinda creepy).  If you like the videos leave me a comment, and tell me which one made you laugh the most.  If you didn’t like the videos well… Don’t say anything.

(This guy Olan Roger’s is probably my favorite “youtuber” of all time.  I just love his odd humor.)

(This is just plain funny)

(Brian Regan is a stand up comedian who is the only one I really like to watch)

Creativity is Just Connecting Things – Steve jobs

I found this off of Kitsune Noir, and I really liked it, I really thought it was awesome.   So enjoy some Steve Job just a little bit more.

Custom Nike’s

I found these awesome Nike custom’s on This Blog Rules.  I think I probably like the Pac-Man the best, because it doesn’t waste any space, and it looks awesome.  I would really want to make my own pair of Nike custom’s, but alas I am to poor to do so.

Google Pac-Man

This is just a little quick post, but for some reason for today, and tomorrow google for there always changing logo will be a fully playable version of pac-man.  So go get some fruit!