Our Motivations

This video absolutely blew me away, and really got me thinking…



Fat Link

“I Got The Boss Key!”  A friend of mine from Uncool Shoes.  I think it is funny that they added a fanny pack, because that is such a stereotypical nerd object.

USB Typewriter

Check These Out!

I got these photos from but does it float. They are really appealing to look at, and just overall astounding. The graphs are from The Gallery of the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection.


Well, Today is my birthday… So I was thinking, and birthday’s are always full of joy, and obviously I can’t invite all of you to my party so I thought I would post some videos *not my videos) that make me laugh, so we can laugh as one (kinda creepy).  If you like the videos leave me a comment, and tell me which one made you laugh the most.  If you didn’t like the videos well… Don’t say anything.

(This guy Olan Roger’s is probably my favorite “youtuber” of all time.  I just love his odd humor.)

(This is just plain funny)

(Brian Regan is a stand up comedian who is the only one I really like to watch)

‘Locations’ By Matthew Lyons

These illustrations are by Matthew Lyons, they are called ‘Locations’.  O’ man do I like these.  I don’t really know what it is about them that I like there just very appealing to me.  I love the vintage kinda look to them, what do you think?

Tuesday’s Tune: Band of Horses – ‘Blue Beard’

I like this song, probably my favorite on the album.  To be honest the whole album (Infinite Arms) is mostly only good, because of there sound.  The lyrics aren’t that strong, but the sound is really good.