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My Thoughts On ‘Halo: Reach’ Beta

If you didn’t know today was the release of the ‘Halo: Reach’ Beta that you can access only through the ‘Halo ODST’ campaign disc.  Starting up the beta after waiting a long download time it shows you a video, your view is from the inside of a warthog, while watching everything blow up around you chaotically.  The game has a few game modes to choose from like team slayer, every man for themselves, etc… (Not the literal names of each mode).  The game was very fun when you were playing, using, and getting to experience with the new guns, and equipment.  One major change was the default controls, you now use RB for melee, and X to pick things up.   There is also the assassination thing.  Now when you assassinate someone it does a whole 3 second attack to do, instead of the simple melee.  Which sounds cool and looks cool, but can cause multiple problems.  Such as chain reaction kills, and if you are on a double kill chain going on it will end your streak no doubt.

After about three matches (which were very fun) the beta stopped working.  Which I found out later that the mess up was not anything wrong with the beta, but actually to many people playing the beta at one time.  I thought it was completely crazy, and really inconvenient considering it was the first day.

Still overall the beta was a lot of fun for the time we got to play it, and it was fun to get to try out the new guns like the DMR, Plasma Repeater, Needle Rifle, and the pistol they brought back ffrom the new game.


‘Halo: Reach’ Beta Live-Action Video

The injection part reminded me of the movie ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, when he gets injected with that metal-ish stuff.  So check it out, it’s kinda bland, but the armor does look awesome.

‘Halo: Reach’

I got this video from Machinima, and thought it was awesome.  I am ten times more psyched for this game now then I was before.  It’s a long video, but far from boring so check it out.