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LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum

I love this song so much.  LCD Soundsystem is sort of a indie rock/electronic artist.  He is very talented, and I recommend him highly.


Tuesday’s Tune: Band of Horses – ‘Blue Beard’

I like this song, probably my favorite on the album.  To be honest the whole album (Infinite Arms) is mostly only good, because of there sound.  The lyrics aren’t that strong, but the sound is really good.

Tuesday’s Tune – The Dead Weather ‘New Pony’

I got The Dead Weather album Horehound about a week or two ago, and I really liked it, and I really like this one the most, or Treat Me Like Your Mother.  Both are really good, and I suggest buying the album because it is awesome.

Tuesday’s Tune – Showbread ‘I Think I’m Going To See You’

i just got this album today from a good friend, and I like thins song a lot.  Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

The Classic Crime – ‘Flight of Kings’

Although today is not “Tuesday’s Tune” (BOOO!!!) I did feel like sharing this song with y’all, because I do like it a lot. Also, I wanted to post on something, so anyways this song is ‘Flight of Kings’, by The Classic Crime.

Tuesday’s Tune” Breaking Benjamin – ‘Rain’

Well, this week I have really been enjoying Breaking Benjamin.  There pretty popular, but I like them, because the lead singer (Ben) has such a unique voice.  He can easily go from a soft song (like this one) to a hard more screaming song (breakdown).  If you have heard of Breaking Benjamin before well then you might know that half of this music video is footage from another music video called ‘Diary of Jane‘ (also by them).  I just really thought it was interesting to see footage from another music video in here.

“Blame It On The Pop”

To be honest I’m not much of a pop music kind of guy, but they did a great job of making each bit blend in with the next part.  The song is is a mash-up of the billboard top 25 songs of 2009. With that being said here is the music video.  If you don’t like it well then “Blame It On The Pop”.