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‘Epic Mickey’ Releasing On November 30


Simple Movie Poster Ideas

I love these Movie Posters I found on This Blog Rules.  Which they got off of Worth1000. I was totally surprised at how simple they are, but make sense to the movie.  I wish I could have a couple of these to put on my walls.

Check These Out!

I got these photos from but does it float. They are really appealing to look at, and just overall astounding. The graphs are from The Gallery of the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection.

‘Locations’ By Matthew Lyons

These illustrations are by Matthew Lyons, they are called ‘Locations’.  O’ man do I like these.  I don’t really know what it is about them that I like there just very appealing to me.  I love the vintage kinda look to them, what do you think?

Creativity is Just Connecting Things – Steve jobs

I found this off of Kitsune Noir, and I really liked it, I really thought it was awesome.   So enjoy some Steve Job just a little bit more.

Knitted Masculant Objects

I got these really well made knitted pieces of work from Nathan Vincent’s Blog.  He did a really great job, and I am not much of a hunter kind of guy, but I would love to have a knitted lion’s head on my wall.  My favorite is probably the chair, and television, because it probably represents me the best.  Which one represents you?

Custom Nike’s

I found these awesome Nike custom’s on This Blog Rules.  I think I probably like the Pac-Man the best, because it doesn’t waste any space, and it looks awesome.  I would really want to make my own pair of Nike custom’s, but alas I am to poor to do so.