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Knitted Masculant Objects

I got these really well made knitted pieces of work from Nathan Vincent’s Blog.  He did a really great job, and I am not much of a hunter kind of guy, but I would love to have a knitted lion’s head on my wall.  My favorite is probably the chair, and television, because it probably represents me the best.  Which one represents you?


Tuesday’s Tune – The Dead Weather ‘New Pony’

I got The Dead Weather album Horehound about a week or two ago, and I really liked it, and I really like this one the most, or Treat Me Like Your Mother.  Both are really good, and I suggest buying the album because it is awesome.

‘Gardyn’ By Pogo

I found this video on Kitsune Noir, and i loved it.  Although I did not enjoy the old lady singing as much, as him just using “garden supplies”.  I liked the instrumental (if that’s what you would call it), more than the auto tuning grandmother, but either way it sounds awesome so listen to it.

Are mokkelbost

These awesome collages are made by Are Mokkelbost.  I find them really, cool and blissful, and enjoy looking at what a great job they did of blending colors.  I found them on blitblit, so thank you blitblit.

PIXEL – A Pixel Art Documentary

So, I found this documentary on pixels from several tweets saying to go there, and with naturally curiosity, I did.  Simon Cottee Animation Production Blog did a great job of actually telling the history of pixels, and I really enjoyed it.  It is about eleven minutes, and is a little long, but I enjoyed all of it, and hope you do too!

Dangerous Baby Toy’s

I found these photos on This Blog Rules, and at first just thought they were a little funny, and I thought it was done as a joke.  It is actually art called “Na Zha” (“Na Zha” is a chinese mythical creature), and it this art was put together by Shi Jinsong.

Art By Jeremy Dower

I found this artist on blitblit, and thought it was one of the most cool art i have seen in a while.  It also mentioned he had a new website, so I checked that out as well, and it was awesome.  The layout easily put mine to shame, and the all around content was very interesting.